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We Are

Tannous Lab

Semer Maksoud, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Eren Aytekin,

Post-doctoral Fellow

Tianhe Xiao

Lab Manager

Mark Issa,


Post-doctoral Fellow

Elie Roumieh, MD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Anton Karelin

Graduate Student

Markus Schweiger, MSc

Graduate Student

Youssef Samah, MD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Jihane Tannous

Research Coordinator

Joelle Hokayem,


Post-doctoral Fellow

Ahmed Halawi, MD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Alumni Group members

Pierre Repiton, BSc, Master's Student

Christian Badr, PhD, Instructor

David Ghazi, BS, Research Technician

Cintia da Hora, MD, Graduate Student

Elie Tannous, MD, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Zulfikar Azam, M.SC, Graduate Student

Rami Morsi, MD, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Max Zinter, BS, Research Technician

Marco Barazaz, Graduate Student

M. Sarah Bovenberg, MD/PhD, Graduate Student

Sepideh Akbaripanahi, MD, ResPost-doctoral Fellow

Mohsen Alayche, Undergraduate Student

Romain Amante, Graduate Student

Latasha Charles, High School Student

Smit Chitre, Undergraduate Student

Kevin Conway, BS, Technician

Thijs Crommentuijn, Graduate Student

M. Hannah Degeling, MD/PhD, Gradudate Student

Hawasatu Dumbuya, Undergraduate Student

Gulsah Erel, Graduate Student

Francesca Favaro, BSC, Graduate Student

Evelyn Fitzsimons, Undergraduate Student

Stephanie van Hoppe, Graduate Student

Mark de Gooijer, Graduate Student

Seyedali Hejazi, MD, Post-doctoral Fellow

Nicola Kahale, Technician

Rami Kantar, MD, Post-doctoral Fellow

Mariam Kerami, MD/PhD Student

Marte Van Keulen, Graduate Student

Aleksandar Kirov, BSc, Graduate Student

Jorien Koelen

Maayke Kuijten

Charles Lai, PhD, Instructor

Ghazal Lashgari, MD, Post-doctoral Fellow

Grant Lewandrowski, BS, Technician

Casey Maguire, Instructor

Mariam Mansour, CURE summer student

Danielle Morse, Research Technologist

Nicole Muniz, Undergraduate Student

Brenda Ngu, Undergraduate Student

Darina Paulino, High School Student

Johanna Niers, MD, PhD, Graduate Student

Katherine Perry MSc

Lisa Pike, MSc.

Jessica Pitch, Undergraduate Student

Meghan Robbins, Undergraduate Student

Daniel Ryan, Undergraduate Student

Adesina Sanni, MD, Post-doctoral Fellow

Nik Sol, MD, Graduate Student

Daniel Ssozi, Undergraduate Student

Adam Stevens, CURE summer student

Tian Tian, PhD, Visiting Scholar

Bing Edna Wang, Undergraduate Student

John Wong, Undergraduate Student

Thomas Wurdinger, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow

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